Yoga cures insomnia

Wednesday - 30/08/2017 15:41
After a long day of hard work and stress, the human body needs time to relax and rest so that it can continue to be a dynamic day and deep sleep plays a very important role. . Sleep brings the body back to equilibrium, but it is a terrible sensation when it comes to insomnia. So what is the most effective treatment for insomnia?
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Insomnia is considered to be one of the most common diseases today, especially in the office world, because of the pressures of work, family, social relationships, and so on. One of the major causes of adult sleep insomnia.

According to recent statistics, in the developed countries, the number of people suffering stress is high proportion. In the United States, 35% of adults are sleep deprived, 25% in Canada. Particularly in Vietnam, the number of people suffering from insomnia also accounts for 33%, including 30% related to mental illness and 10-15% of that to the neurologist.

So what solution to help cure insomnia?

Usually when you have insomnia, the most common solution that many people are likely to find is sedation. However, sedation is considered by researchers to be very unhealthy because of the CNS depressant and, if used at high doses, leads to drug poisoning, which can be fatal. . And when drug use for a long time there will be drug abuse phenomenon. Drug addicts are stuck in both thought and action. Therefore, medication is not considered a viable treatment for insomnia.

Meanwhile, Yoga is considered by researchers to be highly effective, effective for human health especially in the release of stress, stress, and insomnia. Yoga exercises combined with regular breathing help the body to relax, keep the heart rate stable, blood circulation and circulation better. Not only that, the practice of yoga also helps people calm down, dispel all worries and boredom in life, help you quickly return to equilibrium and easily buried in a deep sleep. It will bring a lot of surprise if you join a class of Yoga meditation.

In addition, to maximize the efficiency of yoga practice, a healthy diet with jujube, tubers, lotus seeds, fresh fruits ... keep your mind healthy. Comfort will be an essential element to help you get a better sleep and deeper.

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