Yoga Exercises for Cure Diabetes

Tuesday - 17/10/2017 09:30
In addition to the use of diabetes medications, the combination of treatment with diabetes medicine is also very effective. The following are simple yoga postures that help the person control his blood sugar.
The postures in yoga exercises affect the joints, muscles, bones and organs of patients, help reduce stress and regulate the endocrine glands in the body. Come to Vyoga World to perform these exercises well:
bai tap yoga

The pillow head
This is the most basic and common yoga posture in all of the postures of yoga.

- You sit up straight on the yoga mat, straighten your legs forward, then knees right and use your right hand to pull your right foot against the pelvis, your knees should lie close to the floor, go to high place.
- Exhale while slowly folding, bend down and put your arms around your ankles, trying to squeeze as deep as possible. This helps the organs in your body to move as much as possible.

Cobra posture
Even beginners can get good results from this simple yoga pose, which works to tighten the buttocks and toned abdominal muscles.

- Lying face down on the floor, closed his legs again, the forehead touching the ground, with both hands on the floor, elbow knees hit the ground.
- Breathe, raise your head upward, lift your chest off the ground.
- Using the force of both hands to lift the body up, straightening the elbow, exhaling, opening the throat, back to the back, eyes looking at the ceiling, hold this position for 10 seconds.
Kapalbhati posture
Kapalbhati is a breathing exercise and gastric motility in the Kapalbhati posture (a Pranayama technique) that stimulates the pancreas to work well.

Sit at the most comfortable position, cross your legs and straighten your back. Hands resting on knees or hand press. This posture needs to stabilize your spine, back, and head.
- Relax your stomach muscles and push air through the nose in a comfortable way. This will force the abdominal muscles to squeeze and press the abdomen inside to the spine. Then inhale without any additional effort.
- As soon as inhaled passively, exhale again strongly and continue to repeat regularly. Make 10 repetitions of 20-25 beats. All breathing and exhalation activities are done through the nose.

Vajrasana posture
This posture stimulates the activity of the stomach and thus stimulates the pancreas to function effectively.

- Sit up straight, legs folded back so that the two heels touch the hips. Then, place your palms on your knees, keeping your spine and neck straight.
- Inhale and then breathe out. During exhalation, squeeze in and bend forward. When inhaled, pull the body back into straight position.
- Repeat this often 10-15 times if you are a beginner.

Mechanism of side effects:

Emotional conditioning and emotional stress relief, reduce stress.

Good impact on internal organs.

Strengthening the energy for basic transformation

Increased blood circulation

However, these postures are not everyone's training, especially for people who do not know yoga and want to treat diabetes naturally without the drugs.

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