Yoga exercises help children to develop comprehensively

Wednesday - 27/09/2017 19:08
Do you want your baby to be fully developed at a young age? Let your baby practice yoga exercises below, it will help to support the baby in developing the mind, brain best, increase flexibility, body bodyweight it!
be tap yoga

Exercise 1
The stretching of the spine in this yoga exercise helps to prevent spinal curvature. In addition, when bent to the ground, the blood is concentrated to the brain, which stimulates the central nervous system to function better, supporting long-term acquisition and memory.


- Lie on the floor, relax both feet, curved two elbows, palm face. Bend your knees, raising your hips until your legs are straight, with your arms straight ahead.

Lower your shoulders and chest, lower your feet to the floor, try to push back, hold your arms, straighten your legs, hold for 5 to 6 pulses, and breathe evenly.

Exercise 2
With this yoga exercise, the entire body of the baby will be completely relaxed, helping her prepare for the new process is more perfect.


Lie on your knees and lean forward so that your forehead and nose touch the floor. Hands clasped behind each other.

- Keep this position for 2-3 minutes

Exercise 3
Yoga exercises help your baby to love you to connect with your body and surroundings, increasing endurance for the body. Stimulate the growth of your baby's height.


- Lie on the floor, face down. Inhale slowly lift your head and shoulders backwards.

- Hold for 10 pts. Breathe out and slowly lower the person to the floor, back to the original posture.

Exercise 4
With this exercise, your child will learn how to relax and balance the brain in the best way, as well as support the circulation of blood in the body better.


Lie on your back with your hands on the floor. Use the force of the hand and hip thrust slowly lift the leg through the head until the tip of the foot touches the floor. Hold for 45 seconds.

Exercise 5
This yoga posture is great for the baby especially in dealing with issues related to the digestive system, which prevents the most common childhood autism symptoms.


- Lie on your back, relax your whole body. 2 hands spread loose horizontal. Slowly toes to the left, with two curved legs forming an angle of 900, the feet stretched out, the arms crossed, the right eye.

- Hold for 1 minute. Perform the same action with the opposite.

It is very important for your baby to practice yoga at an early age. And you should also remind your baby that practicing yoga exercises is one of the ways to practice, not to be perfect in movement. The practice must be done step by step and must ensure the accuracy in each move to be able to bring the maximum effect.

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