Yoga exercises help shape more physically

Saturday - 25/11/2017 07:53
Yoga is not only a way to help lose weight, but also helps to reduce the weight of your body look more full. In addition, it works very well for people with headaches, back pain and insomnia. With such benefits, there is no reason not to start practicing yoga right now. are not you?
yoga giup co the day dan

1. Posture (Ardha Matsyendrasana)
- First, keep your left leg straight. Then, take the right leg through the left leg and turn the shoulder slowly to the right.

- Your left hand is straightened and placed on the right knee, palm back. At the same time, the right hand comes out and fits the tip of the finger to the floor.

- You should hold this position for 10 seconds, then change sides and repeat the movement.

2. Flying Crow
- First, you prepare the carpet or napkin on the training floor, and put your head down on the floor.

- Your hands folded against the floor and put your arms around the head.

You should keep your back straight, then lift your butt up to form a straight line with your head.

- Hold this position for 10 breaths and finish the movement.

3. One-Legged King Pigeon
First, your left leg bends forward, your right leg extends backward, the soles of your feet upward.

- Hold hands firmly then slowly lower the lower body to the floor.

- Hold this position for 5 seconds, then change the side of the action again.

4. Tree posture (Tree pose)
- You stand up straight and put your hands together in front of chest.

You use the left leg as the base of the leg, then slowly bend the right leg up high and place the soles of the feet on the thigh of the left leg.

Hold the posture for 5 seconds then release the foot, relax and change the side of the movement.

5. Three Bend Forward
- You sit on the training floor, straightening the left leg, bending the right elbow on the left leg.

- Next, you slowly lower your back, your right hand grabbing the feet while your left hand is reaching the ground.

Take a deep breath and hold your position for a second. Then, change the party to do again.
6. Salutation Seal
- You sit upright with your legs up, with your hands on your thighs or raised high and keep your back straight.

Relax and relax your body by taking a deep breath 6 times while stretching your chest forward, then relax in the original posture.

7. Mountain posture (Mountain Pose)
- In the prepared position, you stand upright and put your hands up.

Then your right hand grabs your left wrist and stretches to the right.

Deep breathe and hold this position for 5 seconds. Then change sides and repeat the movement.

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