Yoga healing spines

Sunday - 15/10/2017 08:54
Spina bifida is a very dangerous disease, especially in postmenopausal women and the elderly. If you practice yoga regularly, the disease will show signs of remission. The most positive effect that Yoga brings that is pain relief, making the patient feel comfortable.

Spinal stenosis is the extra development of bone on the vertebral body, cartilage or ligaments around the joint. It is usually seen in older people when the spine begins to degenerate with age and is more common in men than in women. However, menopausal women are also prone to spina bifida.

- Constant injury such as pressure, collision, rubbing due to heavy work.

- Due to age, cartilage and bone degeneration, wear and tear, osteoarthritis and spine. It is osteoarthritis, commonly seen in older people.

Arthritis and long-term injuries are also one of the main causes of spinal cord injury.

Signs of disease
- The majority of spine diseases do not cause signs of symptoms. However, when rubbing with other bones or other soft tissues around the ligaments, nerve roots, the patient will feel pain.

Pain often occurs in the neck or the waist, especially when the patient is standing or walking.

- In severe cases numbness in the neck spread through both hands, pain in the back, pain along the legs.

Increased pain when walking or exercising. Increased pain when moving, reduced during rest, thus leading to limitation of movement in these sections.

- For those who suffer from prickly burning of the neck, symptoms usually spread to the shoulder and accompanied by headache.

- For people with thoracic vertebrae, the pain spread to the back and legs.

Treatment of spinal disease with yoga
Yoga is one of the most effective treatments for back pain that has been proven over 5000 years. Not only does it help improve the body's health, it also stretches the spine and builds muscle strength.

There are many postures in yoga that focus on improving your internal strength so that your spine helps you maintain proper posture throughout the day. Prevent excessive stretching of the lumbar muscle, supporting the upper part of the body in cases where the muscles in the abdomen, buttock, pelvis are not able to prop up.

Improving the strength of the whole body is essential because back pain is not only caused by back problems but also other parts such as the hip, legs and knees.

For those new to pain and stiffness or who want to avoid them, the Yoga program for novices is a safe and effective program. However, not all yoga exercises can be practiced. Therefore, it is necessary to have specific instructions from the professional coaches so that the treatment is most effective.


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