Yoga helps extend life expectancy?

Saturday - 23/09/2017 18:47
A research study has shown that people who practice yoga often help to stay mentally healthy, live optimistically and are effective ways of extending life.

The National Cancer Institute (NCI) has conducted a study of over 650,000 people and found that regular exercise habits have increased life expectancy for humans by up to five years. This is absolutely true and it is absolutely effective for yoga practitioners.
yoga keo dai tuoi tho

Do you know that Yoga helps to prolong longevity

Many experts compare the practice of yoga to changing the car. It is not a compulsory element but with new oil, the car will work well and much longer. In fact, practicing yoga has positive effects on all parts of your body, especially the musculoskeletal system and the circulatory system of the brain. Yoga exercises you to have a strong bones system, helping to minimize the risk of cardiovascular problems. This is more important when you practice correctly and scientifically with the guidance of professional coaches.

Do you know that Yoga helps to prolong longevity

In addition, people who regularly practice yoga will always maintain a state of balance, help quickly relieve stress, stress in life. Because yoga is the key to keeping your breathing stable. This is the unwanted but necessary rest to help us temporarily forget and away from daily worries. That is why so many people after yoga feel relaxed, reduce bother and become more in love, live more active. On the other hand, the process of Yoga practice also helps the circulation and circulation of blood work better, helps reduce the increase of bad cholesterol, harmful to health. Not only that, Yoga also helps to create many components of antioxidants - ingredients that help the body fight the risk of cancer.

Yoga helps your body both physically and mentally, reducing the risk of illness. You will have a tough body, full of energy, mental clarity. You will live happier, more optimistic and that is the important factor that lengthen your life span.

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