Yoga helps weight loss for postpartum women

Monday - 23/10/2017 10:05
After birth all mothers face many problems such as beauty is not as young as the birth and facing the shape of the body, the waist is not slim, perfect. So taking care of your body to lose weight postpartum to get back physique is what most women care about.

So how to regain the perfect shape like the smooth twenties, open? Yoga is the most appropriate and natural way to help postpartum women have a compact body. In addition to yoga, postmenopausal women can cure depression and reduce stress.

Here are some weight loss yoga exercises for postpartum women, with us to do:

1. Varied twisted postures (Ardha Matsyendrasana)
- Sit on the carpet, right leg placed on the left leg, followed by the left leg placed under the right foot as instructed in the picture
- Sit deep breathing then exhale while turning to the right, put his right hand deep behind his back, his left wrist right knee. Hold the posture, breathe evenly, exhale each try to twist a bit more until the twist as possible
- Duration: 45 seconds - 1 minute (from 1 to 3 minutes)

2. Supply posture (Dhanurasana)

- In the stomach
- Take deep breaths with both hands holding both feet, exhale and pedal to the back, arms stretched (hold breathing posture free).
- Both feet step on the back and cross over a 45 degree angle. Bend back as much as possible. Hands stretched straight. Head back as far as possible.
- Duration: This is an advanced exercise that holds 45-1 minutes (more advanced hold 1 -3 minutes).

3. Folding posture (Uttanasana)

- Stand straight in the Tadasana posture
- Take a deep breath, then exhale slowly bent forward, each time exhale lowered yourself (keep breathing free).
- Try to straighten your legs. Hold your palm against the floor
Slowly take a deep breath, then slowly stand up and breathe out.
- Time: The basic set holds from 45 to 1 minutes (advanced 1-3 minutes).

4. Posture of the eagle (Garudasana)
- Stand straight in the left posture, slack 2 pillow
- Raise the left leg to place the left thigh of the left leg on the thigh of the right foot, hold the balance on the right leg, twist the leg, the left foot against the right foot.
- Straighten the two arms straight and parallel to the floor, cross the right hand up on the left hand, the intersection near the biceps, fold the elbows to give the elbow from the palm to the hand perpendicular to the floor, the elbow The shoulder still holds parallel to the floor. Twist two arms together, two palms together.
- Keep your feet down to about 30-60cm
- Abdominal obstruction
- Basic training time: 45 seconds - 1 minute (1-3 minutes)

Depending on the individual's condition, exercise may begin sooner or later. Generally, women giving birth can practice yoga from the 2nd month after birth. Women who have a caesarean section should wait until their body is fully recovered to begin.

In addition to the basic movements easy to implement, the movement difficult and advanced not all students are easy to practice and practice. If you want to achieve the best weight loss yoga exercises bring the mother should register a course of weight loss with a serious, regular and professional schedule and professional trainers.

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