Yoga positions for beginners

Monday - 14/08/2017 14:12
There are now many yoga exercises, different yoga moves. However, yoga practitioners should know which yoga postures to suit themselves, especially those who begin. Therefore, the Vyoga Wolrd sends to you four Yoga postures for beginners:
ngoi thien
ngoi thien

1. Easy Cross Leg For Stress Relief - Sukhasana

This simple yoga posture is very effective in treating heart disease, insomnia, and stress reduction
ngoi thien2

Instructions: Sit comfortably or put your feet up on the other thigh. Straight back, both hands open up on knees, thumb and forefinger click on each other.

- Yoga postures that sit back straight to the ground will help reduce lumbar pain. Close your eyes, concentrate, slowly inhale through the nose. Squeeze in the stomach for 2-3 seconds and slowly exhale. After a second, slowly breathe in the second, third ... until 10, 20 or 30 times.

2. Child's Pose For Relaxation

The child posture is the best healing exercise in all of yoga movements, it reminiscent of the fetal position. Whenever you feel dizzy or tired, do this yoga exercise.
tu the yoga

Instructions: sit up on the heels, forehead to the floor, put hands on the sides of the body, palms back. Breathe slightly and relax.

3. Cat-Cow Pose For Back Pain

Cat-Cow Pose is one of the simplest but most effective stomach treatments. You will feel comfortable and feel like your body is stretching completely. This is also a safe yoga exercise for pregnant women.
tu the yoga1


- Folding and bending the body weight to four points are two hands and knees. The hands are separated by a shoulder distance, with knees separated by a gap of hip. Slowly squeezing the abdominal muscles, creating a feeling of pulling the navel toward the spinal bone, pushes the back upward to create tension for the spine. Lower and lower your neck, head as you exhale.

Hold the position when starting the "Cat pose" to resume the "cow pose", but, lowering the belly to the floor. Bend your back and raise your neck towards the ceiling as you breathe in. This episode alternates with the "Cat pose" movement in a smooth manner.

4. Baby Pigeon Pose For Hip Flexibility

This yoga exercise increases the flexibility of the hips and back. At first it may be a bit difficult, but after you get used to it you will love it.
tu the yoga3


- Knees with the support of the arm. Slide your right knee to the front between your hands and slide your right heel to the left hip.

- Stretch the left leg to the back, keeping the feet and knees exposed to the floor. Repeat this yoga position with the other side.

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