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Tuesday - 27/06/2017 21:33
Yoga is a method of training through which human beings can prevent, repel sickness and improve health, and at the same time they can develop intellectually and continuously, reaching self and communal knowledge. Assembly is very deep and people become happy ...

However, according to Shiva Samhita, yoga practitioners need to eat moderation and moderation, otherwise they will not be able to succeed. As such it can be seen that diet is extremely important for a yoga practitioner. So what is the typical Yoga-style diet? And what to eat Yoga style?

The diet of yoga is the perfect complement to yoga exercises. Eating well not only helps you feel better but also helps you feel light and clean. Yoga-style diet helps you control your weight, reduce excess weight and maintain a healthy body.
The diet of yoga is the perfect complement to yoga exercises

People who practice yoga need pure foods or "sattvic", based on natural and fresh foods such as fruits, grains and vegetables. It keeps the body clean and soft, the mind clear and sharp, the essentials for yoga practice and for daily life. It also helps prevent diseases like diabetes and obesity.
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What to do when eating in yoga style

Eat foods that are white like milk, bananas, cucumbers, white radish ... in the morning, because this time, food promotes optimum energy without excessing energy in the body as it eats. in the evening.

Use pure vegetable oils such as coconut oil and olive oil for cooking. Do not use high sugar, fatty foods. Eat whole grains and unrefined foods.

- eat moderation, not too full. Do not eat too many different foods, as this will make the digestive system weaken. Chew carefully before eating. Rest after every meal, avoid snacks between meals.
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Eat yoga-focused grains

- Eat in a happy and relaxed mood to help digestion.

- Sit upright when eating so that energy can freely travel up the spine, without pressure on the digestive organs.

Drink plenty of water, and do not eat too late at night, before going to bed.

- Swim before eating because the body produces more heat during and after meals.
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Yoga food is pure food, so you have to grasp the nature of the food to create a menu that is right for you. In addition, people who practice yoga must practice meditation regularly and perform asanas to balance and control the energy in the body, help keep the body supple and clean spirit, Do not get caught up in animal feed.


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