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Effective herbal disc herniation with yoga

Yoga is a very effective way of treating the herniated disc. Yoga helps stretch back muscles, strengthens the back and soothes the pain, accelerating the process of vertebrae quickly.
Disc herniation is a common disease in modern life. Some signs of illness that you may be experiencing are as follows:
- Sciatica, sometimes accompanied by tingling and numbness, starts in the buttocks, extending down the side or side of one leg
- Pain, numbness Lower back and one leg, or neck, chest, shoulder or arm
- Back pain or heaviness when sitting, coughing or sneezing.
Here are some yoga exercises that you can use to cure a herniated disc hernia.
yoga chua thoat vi dia dem

1. The string of the sun
The inner thigh muscles, chest muscles, delta muscles, broad back muscles, enlarged vertebrae, help cranial nerves and disk herniation, spine and flexible joints.

- Stand straight, feet close together, head and body straight, two hands down. Inhale slowly, with both hands pressed against the chest, exhaling slowly and deeply. Breathe in, head and hands back.
- Exhale to bend down, two palms touch the ground next to the foot, two straight knees. Take your right leg back, take your back in your throat, hold your breath, bring your left leg back, breathe out your knees and chest, inhale your head and chest up to the maximum, exhale, the left hand between the hands, the back of the neck in, bring your right foot between hands, breathe out the knee touch. Breathe in the head and hands backward, exhaling vertically. Do the same with your left leg.

2. Posture twisting
Training back muscles wide, spinal muscles in the spine makes the spine flexible, flexible.

Legs straight on the floor, cross legged legs, arms crossed legs, hands rest against the floor, exhale back spin, twist, hold 10 seconds, repeat 04 times.

3. Stance posture, fold forward
Helps to massage organs in the abdomen, increase concentration and intellectual clarity, bright eyes, regulate the spinal cord.

Sit at the foot of the lotus. Put your hands behind your back, hands holding the other hand. Keep the spine straight, head and neck straight. Exhale slowly and lower your head to the ground and give the front just enough for the lower body to ease easily, but do not stretch the spine excessively while lowering the body.

Can touch and touch the chin to the floor. At this time the air in the person has expired. Slowly raise both hands as high as possible but do not stretch too much. Hold for 8 seconds. Start inhaling and lowering your arms slowly to their original position. All body relaxed. Let go for 8 seconds, then rehearse the process. Make 4 yoga postures. Do these exercises well so that the healing of the disk herniation is effective.

4. Straight leg posture
Abdominal exercises are compact, abdominal fat and impact on the lumbar spine L1 - L5, stretching the nerve. Relieve lumbar spine degeneration and herniated disc lumbar disc herniation, sciatica.

Breathe in, with your feet parallel to the ground, breathing down your legs. Made 10 times.

5. Bridge posture
Increased softness of the spine and correction of damaged disc herniation. Cure degenerative diseases and spinal disc herniation to the lumbar spine.

Lie on the back, hands on back, thumb on the kidneys, normal breathing, hold for 20 seconds. Exercise of the buttock, broad back muscles, quadriceps muscles.
Hand to cross the toes: Tilt the face to the left, left foot to the right hand grasp the left foot to pull the pillow straight, hold for 20 seconds.

6. Cobra posture
The effect is to brighten the eyes, regulate the spine and nerves, provide energy to make the body healthy and beautiful.

Lay down. Two hands folded on the floor in front of the shoulders, elbows tightly closed to the body, legs stretched straight.
Slowly and deeply inhale, cover your head and chest with the top so that the upper part of the navel is lifted. The feet stretched out their strength, the feet to hold the floor.
Look at the ceiling and continue inhaling, inhaling 8 seconds. Start to exhale and lower your head, resting your cheek on the floor. Full body relaxed for 6 seconds. Performed 04 times.

7. Posture of the pinch
Apply to the lumbar spine of the heart and disk herniation.
Lie on the stomach, place your hands under your abdomen, bladder, inhale, hold your feet closed as high as possible. Hold for 8 seconds.

8. Posture stretching
The effect of stretching the spine, cure degeneration of the spine and disk herniation.
Knee in, raise your hand, breathe out the floor, crawl up, chest touched floor, arms stretched forward, hold for 20 seconds.
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