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How to meditate properly

Meditation is considered a simple method that many people choose to relieve stress. Meditators can meditate everywhere, in temples, meditations or even at home. As long as you make sure to meditate properly.

Sit meditation properly
Meditation is a physiological state between sleep and wakefulness. Sitting meditation properly helps to refresh the mood, boosting the concentration of people. However, because of its simple appearance, many people think that meditation is less attractive, while others are more difficult to meditate on. So how to meditate properly.
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Meditation helps to rejuvenate the mind

Basically, meditation consists of three main stages, in which the first and the last stages are equally long, usually 5 to 10 minutes, and the middle period lasts from 20 to 40 minutes. Your exercise program will be decided by you, depending on your strength and absolutely nothing else to do during this time.

The first thing that comes to mind when practicing meditation is that you need to get rid of all the hassles, bathe and choose a quiet place to do meditation. Meditation should be silent and quiet, where you are comfortable and not disturbed. When meditating, you should also choose broad, comfortable clothes that are better for deep and natural breathing.
Whatever meditation posture, the back should be straight but not stretched

Zen has three basic sitting postures that sit on the same level, sitting on the old and cross-legged. In that, sitting old age is used more than all. Inhale through your nose, pour down your abdomen and breathe out through your mouth. Shoulders low and relaxed, straight back but not stretch, do not squeeze your elbow on the person that slightly out.
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The basic principle of sitting meditation is concentration. Close your eyes when sitting meditation is considered as a way to increase concentration. Echocardiographic observations showed that only a visual reduction of visual acuity was achieved by reducing the visual stimulation from the outside. Active muscular relaxation also helps to speed up the process of relaxation and enter the static. When the mind is empty, the mind does not gradually meditate will go to the state of unconsciousness, comfort.
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Particular attention should be given to meditation

To finish the meditation, you perform some relaxation exercises so that your body will run out and your blood flow. Massage the face muscles, legs, neck, back, hips so that the muscles are stretched. The discharge of meditation must be done slowly, accurately. If done incorrectly, it can make the meditator suffer from headaches, hard joints that are difficult to move, muscle cramps, stiffness and especially later when sitting meditation feels uncomfortable.

You should meditate in the morning before exercising and eating breakfast. A morning meditation session will help you start the day with excitement.
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