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Doctors say to drink two litres a day but getting that much water into your system is not easy. If you’re someone who drinks coffee at work all day, goes jogging in the evening and enjoys a glass of wine at night then you are probably chronically dehydrated most of the time.
increase daily fluid intake water

This means that your skin will age faster, you will be susceptible to illness and you won’t be able to use your mind or body as efficiently as you would be. The antidote to this condition is simply water; all you need to do is get it into your body but many people find this difficult in practice.

This article will help you to hydrate your body with these 10 ways to increase daily fluid intake.

  1. First off , two litres is about eight glasses of water but you don’t necessarily need to worry about that. How much you need to drink depends on your weight, height, the temperature and how much exercise you have done that day. Just remember that if you are thirsty then you haven’t been drinking enough.
  2. It is hard to remember to keep drinking so just keep a bottle of water at your work desk at all times. Have water in your car, by your bed, in your gym bag etc so it is never far.
  3. Just quit all soft drinks now. They are full of sugar and are bad for you. Water is much more hydrating and it is practically free.
  4. Keep your caffeine consumption to a reasonable level – like two cups of coffee a day. If you feel compelled to drink hot drinks all day then switch to herbal teas or just drink hot water.
  5. Watch your alcohol intake – When going out, try to alternate alcoholic drinks with glasses of water to ensure you don’t get dehydrated.
  6. Drink much more water in summer. If it is hot then your body needs more fluid to regulate its temperature, even if you don’t get sweaty.
  7. Replace fluids after exercise – same principle as number 6. The more intense the workout, the more fluids you will have lost. Make sure you replace them as soon as you finish exercising.
  8. Try other fluids. Drink healthy vegetable juices, fresh milk, herbal teas and other hydrating beverages. Anything that is not a diuretic or full of nasty salts, sugars and preservatives.
  9. Eat hydrating food. Drinking liquid H20 is not the only way to hydrate your body; Tomatoes, watermelons, lettuce, cucumbers, celery, green peppers, cauliflower, and spinach are all high in water content. Make yourself a salad and dig in for some hydrating nutrition.
  10. Dilute your juices. Water can get a bit boring so you might want to mix it up a bit with some healthy fruit juices etc. But try diluting your fruit juice with water, not only does it increase your fluid intake but it also makes your juice last longer too!

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