Authent Cream

Authent Cream is packed with high-quality herbal ingredients, such as Cherry Blossom, Purple Vinegars and Taurus, and protect and stimulate new stem cell production, replacing aging cells. The whole layer of skin texture. This helps to rejuvenate the skin safely and quickly.
Product Description
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With breakthrough awareness of stem cells - the source of every cell - is the source of youthful youth, which is the root of all skin problems, Menard studied, Develop the magic of the seeds: Cherry seeds, Purple seeds, Trommel seeds in the product breakthrough Authent. Authent is a breakthrough for the stem cell cosmetic industry, helping healthy skin from each cell:
- Increasing the number of stem cells - the key to regeneration
- Promote the production of epidermal cells, significantly improve the appearance of tanning, freckles, freckles, rough or dehydration.
- Promotes the production of dermatological cells, helps skin firm, elastic, no longer wrinkled, sagging.
With advanced technology, Authent immediately melts and penetrates into the skin, feels the transformation and restores the skin every day.
After moisturizing the skin with a moisturizing lotion and lotion, apply a medium amount of cream (about 1 to 2 black beans) and apply it over the face.
- Use twice daily, in the morning and at night.

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