Body Care

Physiotherapy treatments are available with all types of multi-speciality physiotherapy equipment.

Treatments Available for

* Orthopaedic conditions

* Neurological Conditions

* Cardio-Respiratory Conditions

* Sports Injuries & Rehabiltation

Paeditaric cases like Talipes Equinovarus (Club Foot), etc. are looked at with lot of care and concern at Agrigold Ayursukha

Gynaecology and Obstetrics

Shortwave and Microwave Diathermy have a role in treatment of Pelvic inflammation. In Obstetric cases it has now been established that ante-natal and post natal exercises play an important role in the toning up of the pelvic floor muscles and postures.

*Pre (From 5th month of pregnancy) and Post natal (From 2nd day of delivery) exercises can be performed, if there are no complications before or after delivery.

*Urinary incontinence or urine dribbling 

*Special exercise for women above 45 years for osteoporosis etc..,

Ergonomic Problems

These include arm, elbow, shoulder and neck pain, which may be associated with tingling and numbness in the arm or fingers. If you are sitting in one position for long hours, it can cause back, knee, calf muscle and foot pain. Headache is another problem that can reach acute stages and cause a lot of trouble, and must be treated immediately. All such CRP can be minimized or nullified by physiotherapy. If ergonomics is given importance and priority in offices and industries, then productivity will be more and employees will be healthier with less absenteeism..


Weight reduction through tailor made exercises and electrotherapy is the key to get rid of obesity and overweightness. Obesity is the root cause of many aliments like arthritis, back pain, knee pain, etc. and should never be left untreated and ignored. Obese people can benefit through regular exercising under proper supervision of a professional physiotherapist. 

Skin Condition

Skin problems like Vitiligo (white patches and pigmentation) as well as Wound Healing, where the skin takes longer to heal after a cut or injury are treated at Agri Gold Ayursukha. Instead of using chemical products and pills, all herbal medicines are used for the patients. 

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