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Yoga is a significant aspect of Vedic philosophy that reiterates the power of self-healing via connecting with one's mind and body at a deeper level. Much more than just exercise, yoga leads to mental calm and impacts one's life in more than one way.

This is a thousands' year old science which forays into various postures and techniques to bring out the best of your body in the long run.

Vedic philosophy pays a lot of stress upon your soul being the only permanent, constant thing among other trivialities. Yoga is nothing but a methodical approach to attain a stable and intimate relationship between one's mind and cosmic consciousness. The true purpose of yoga is to make one aware of the surroundings as well as your own true self that is eternal.

At NaturOville, exclusive yoga packages are offered that familiarize the guests with the charm and benefits of this traditional science cum art called yoga. Touted as one of the best yoga retreats in India, which is named 'Aatma', highly trained experts called 'Yoga Gurus' conduct yoga sessions in morning and evening involving all prime eight aspects of classical yoga with modern techniques.

Depending upon the guests' comfort and exposure to the art, the gurus take classes for beginners to upgraded sessions. Our yoga team members involve some of the most popular names in yoga in Uttarakhand and are also members of prestigious societies and forums on global level.

Our package is an extensive treat to yoga lovers in the serene surroundings of Himalayas at our retreat. The packages are always customized as per the guest's needs and body type suitability. Once you arrive here, our nutrition experts take you through a personal consultation and prakriti (Type) identification. Once that is completed, your meditation schedule, therapies (sometimes) and yoga sessions in the package are designed that are meant to benefit you in the most wholesome manner.
trainning yoga

Some of the direct benefits of practicing yoga include significant increase in metabolism rate, oxygen consumption rate, blood pressure and fall in nerve tension in the body. Yoga is one of the ideal characters under Vidya Tantra to submit to the one universal power, the almighty and attain oneness with it through self-awareness.

The program is available to all in three options- 7-day, 14-day and 21-day package. Other than the meditation and yoga sessions, a special 2-hour treatment (on the basis of your Prakriti) would also be included in your schedule. On special request, we also arrange Ayurvedic cooking classes to make stable lifestyle changes in your routine even after your stay.

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